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Aug 24, 2013 7:00am EDT
this week of the march on washington but be mindful that we are also counting days. it has been 544 days since the loss of trayvon martin. and just like this is historic, and we want to make our tragic incident become historic for all people by letting the world, letting the country know that we will continue to stand as parents, not only for our kids but for all of our kids in fighting for justice for all of our kids. that is one of our main goals. i think it is imperative that we sit down as individuals, as god-fearing people, as a nation, come together and rewrite the manuscript on how to be a good parent, how to instill in our children you don't have to be afraid to walk out and get candy or ice-t from the store. [applause] >> this is not an issue only in the black community. it is in all of our communities and the only way the we will solve the issues as we work together, we have to work together no matter what race, what reid, what religion, we have to work together as a nation of people to start to understand each other as a people and we just feel as though our fight is your figh
Aug 10, 2013 6:00am EDT
washington post." but by and large this story was an extraordinary story. it was not covered by "the new york times" at all. zip, nothing. how. how could they not cover it? what kind of journalism is that? >> host: gary post-on our facebook page, in lieu of supporting questionable regimes in africa, chinas and its trade deals with african nations built schools and hospitals and other in the structure needs of the masses instead of massive cash payments to warlords and the like. any chance the u.s. could follow suit? >> guest: well, i am fearful of chinese motives as well. and because i am critical of apologists from our country i have a responsibility to practice that criticism and that is what constructs democracy is all about but i am not happy about china either. china has a horrible human rights policy. china is a one-party dictatorship and its treatment of its own citizens and particularly what it has done in tibet and western china to the weaker people. so i -- i am very wary about chinese motives in africa. >> host: the next call for randall robinson comes from mark in minneapolis. m
Aug 17, 2013 7:00am EDT
, in washington. jay richards also reminds us that washington is a reflection of the goals and agendas that originate outside the beltway. for instance the agendas of sandler, the founders of gold and west and their identities charitable giving to harass competitors in the mortgage industry. jay richards touches upon this, let me emphasize my experience in financial regulation, its often far more about competitors trying to stifle competition than it is about protecting consumers. i emphasize in seven years on banking committee staff real battles were rarely about the taxpayer or the economy, they really were about big banks trying to stick it to the banks, wall street trying to stick it to commercial banks, insurers -- that is 85, 90% of what goes on, not how do we protect the taxpayer. very little about unfortunately, one of the results of the crisis and in my opinion one of the results of dodd-frank will be increased concentration in the financial-services industry. wayne abernathy mentioned how cra facilitated that. i hear that described as an indebted consequence of dodd-frank. i
Aug 31, 2013 7:00am EDT
. then it becomes convention which in washington, the war in iraq, stop it -- occurs in new york city at this scale, four.four million. let me end with this quick note. today in city council of new york, city council voted a few hours ago to override the veto of the mayor of new york, between a special monitor at the city level for all police and to add and make sure the racial profiling is also not part of the city administrative code so it is not used by the police department of new york city. the reason i think it is critical not just because the good decision but because it city council of the city of new york is now all in 2013, persons of color and how do you think it happens? because the voting rights act of 1965, because section 5 of the voting rights act in new york city applies between counties, the same individuals who now look like us are acting like us, representing our interests, overriding the goes when it makes sense and finally standing up to this notion that we have to prevent crime before it starts and target black and latino free people and make comparative high-priced of humili
Aug 3, 2013 7:00am EDT
to dismiss the patients unless there was an article calling attention to this in the washington post. sadly, better care at lower costs doesn't have a constituency. medical devices, hospital beds have constituencies. a blockbuster moment in the health care system, we have too many hospital beds in america, a bubble in hospital technology and we have to help this industry make a shift. there had to be a moment in blockbuster video when a young executive said to the executive leadership people are starting to rent videos online. saying no, we have internal data showing the american public every friday night spends an hour and 15 minutes in our stores. remember that? today they are boarded up all over the country with penny-stock. the story of america is capitalism creates and destroyers and industries become obsolete, hospital beds are becoming obsolete. we don't need all the hospital beds we have. many of you a using bonding authority to underwrite those bonds and doing ribbon cutting for these facilities and every single crane that goes up, every ribbon cutting you do is an invisible tax on
Aug 10, 2013 7:00am EDT
with the anger that jefferson and george washington and so many felt, with the exception of one of the early americans, thomas paine who spoke out against what the u.s. was doing in haiti, because haiti had the temerity to strike out on its own and to stand up and remain african, he is the most african country in the caribbean. the idea of its religion is when you die you will return to guinea because they still remember africa, its art, inspired by african. haiti is a country of a thousand proverbs of when african proverbs have been forgotten throughout the diaspora and haiti is a country that knows its history, that invites the almost a anger of western society and particularly in france, they remember jean ja u jacques dessaline. i went to school in jamaica to speak to high school students in jamaica not far from haiti and i a; tiew santa lieu v.a. cure went up, and not a hand went up. i asked if they knew who snoop dogg was, and all hands shot up. they knew nothing of the story or of people who whom we owe so much. but it still seems to gall the united states and western communities. so
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6